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If you want to know the best way to reach Ann-Marie Sayers, that would be by email and phone. (if you have an urgent message, we would recommend you CC her daughter to aid in the message’s delivery via and to CALL Indian Canyon – (831)637-4238

Kanyon may be reached via her website or (408)673-0626

We don’t mind visitors, so long as they contact us first and set up an appointment.  We are not a park, and caretaking the Canyon is a full time job.  There are many ways to help.

Check out our wishlist   Under the CIR, Inc. 501(c)(3), people in need of community service hours can complete their requirements at Indian Canyon. Interns and college students can also obtain course credits for their studies.  Help by volunteering  All help is welcome, be it a monetary donation or a donation of time or prayers. Even just being nice to Mother Earth and making a pledge to the earth helps.

I pledge to the earth that I will:

*Pick up 10 pieces of litter a day.

*Plant one tree every month for one year.

*Use less water while brushing my teeth/bathing.

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