Run for Indian Canyon -(Historic Prayer Run)-

We will have a historic occurrence July 11th…

Due to two amazing gatherings taking place in the same territory (19th annual storytelling –] –
and a SanJuan Mission visit event centered around TRUTH IN HISTORY around the Canonization of Junipero Serra) We are hosting a Benifit Concert after a Prayer Run after both these day events transpire.

Once the Mission event ends we will have a PRAYER RUN to Indian Canyon.
(Just like many of our ancestors did in the 1800s, Indigenous peoples who did not like the constraints and brutal acts against original peoples in the Missions) run away from the mission to the safe haven that is known as Indian Canyon.
Let everyone know this. July 11, 2015. From mission san juan bautista to Indian Canyon.


Sovereign People Running to Sovereign Land,

Relay style run from Mission San Juan Bautista (no less than 2 runners at a time)

Staff Carrier, and Safety Vest Tail runner – Running from San Juan Bautista, along 156 to Union Road, up through Cienega Valley, to Indian Canyon

Prayer Circle, welcoming ceremony, and Benefit Concert follows







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